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BOM Agreed Report

BOM Agreed Report- Thursday, 22/9/22- Stephen O’Brien, Teacher Nominee on the Board.

  • Minutes of previous meeting, matters arising.
  • Financial Statement (finance sub Committee met at 17-30)
  • Building/Equipment- The school is engaging with the Department of Education, politicians and other concerned parties to complete many school improvements and additions. An overall plan for the future of the building and campus is being formulated.
  • Strategic Plan- The Board proposed the development of school strategic plan at its May meeting. Mr. Stephen O Brien will lead this work and the Board has agreed on 6 key areas to work on over the next 5 years. They are: The Building, Digital Strategy, School Programs, Wellbeing, Student Voice, PR
  • Principal’s Report- The principal told the Board of key developments and initiatives in the school relating to, increased enrolment, engagement and partnership with outside agencies, wellbeing initiatives, school events, support for Ukranian students & families and new members of staff.
  • AOB
  • The next meeting is Tuesday, 8th November, 2022 @ 18-00.
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