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SCP (School Completion Programme)

SCP (School Completion Programme)

The School Completion Programme is an initiative funded by Tusla Education Welfare Service. The long term aims of the School Completion Programme is to work in collaboration with your child’s teachers, SNA’s and school management to ensure your child’s school attendance, participation and retention. The SCP aims to ensure all children complete the Leaving Certificate and access third level education and or secure employment.

The School Completion Programme offers a range of initiatives in St Aidan’s Community School to further support your child’s education. The SCP can adapt the supports to individually suit the need of your child. Your child is at the centre of the School Completion Programme and St Aidan’s Community School. Please see some of the range of supports we offer in St Aidan’s Community School. Students must be referred to the School Completion Programme to access the supports. For further information please contact either member of the St Aidan’s Community School team. Lee Anne Russell Programme Coordinator and or Fiona Dunleavy Project Worker.

Working Things Out

An evidence-based CBT programme for adolescents (aged 11 to 16)

Promoting positive mental health and teaching coping skills to overcome specific problems.

Child Counselling Support Service

The SCP programme funds a counselling service for students in the school one day per week. Issue can include bereavement and loss, mental health issues, anxiety, low mood, depression. Dorothy is available in the school one day per week.

The Be Healthy, Be Happy Programme​

This programme consists of four overarching concepts; Physical Health, Social Health, Mental Health and Spiritual Health. Issues are dealt with such as stress, bullying, alcohol/drug use and depression in a way that enhances the young people’s capacity to cope with challenges as they emerge and aims to build their resilience and social support network in a real and tangible way

The aim of A Life of Choices​ is to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to engage in pro-social behaviour, make positive life choices and ultimately reduce the Level/frequency of their offending. The key themes emphasised throughout the programme are empathy, responsibility, impulse control, respect, pro-social behaviour and reflection.


​Is a personal development programme that aims to equip young people with the skills, knowledge and confidence to develop healthy relationships, make responsible decisions in relation to their sexual health and ultimately delay the onset of early sexual activity.

Morning Club ​Universal Support

Young people can come to school from 8am, have their breakfast with friends and be prepared, on time and organised for the day ahead.

Lunch Club ​ Universal Support

Young people receive a free hot meal at lunchtime. To increase student’s involvement and happiness in school activities.

Anger Management

This helps to improve students’ understanding of interpersonal relations

Personal Development

This helps to provide workshops for students on building self-esteem and other self-development issues

Leadership ​ Programme

Sets out to empower young people to make a positive difference to their school & community. young people learn the core concepts of leadership and gain skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, self-awareness etc. The programme sets about developing the leadership capabilities and potential of young people and gives them an opportunity to harness their skills and attributes to contribute to their society in a fun and encouraging environment.

Peer Mentoring Programme​

Enabling students to develop self-esteem and personal development. To engage with Senior Students to acquire skills to work with and facilitate groups from 6th class making the transition to 1st year and to mentor and support those students throughout the 1st year in school.

Transition Programme

To support the transition from primary to post-primary school, and from junior to senior post-primary school

Copping On Programme​

Improved understanding of right and wrong, improved knowledge of the law

Putting the Pieces Together Programme​

To explore and challenge attitudes in relation to Substance Use

Drug Awareness Programme

To explore issues relating to drugs & alcohol use / misuse

Lee Anne Russell SCP Coordinator
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Fiona Dunleavy Project Worker
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